Best Barber in Seminyak & Bali United Player Haircut

Bali has one of the most proud of football team called Bali United, the team consist of national and international player. Two of them are Stefano Lilipaly and Brwa Nouri. Both of Lilipaly and Nouri from Bali United usually had their haircut at our barbershop in Seminyak. They did the hair style cut every couple of weeks at the best barbershop in Seminyak Bali.

Bali punya club sepak bola kebanggaan bernama Bali United, pemain dari Bali United berasal dari nasional Indonesia dan internasional. Dua dari pemain nasional Bali United tersebut potong rambutnya di Sharp Edge Barbershop di Seminyak, mereka adalah Stefano Lilipaly dan Brwa Nouri