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Co-founded by a young Balinese who used to be the Tour Manager of the seminal punk rock band Superman Is Dead. Wira, the man who’s in charge for the whole operation of Sharp Edge Barber, began his passion for men’s grooming since early age, started by creeping on his grandfather’s traditional hair product—a mixture of genuine coconut oil mixed with frangipani flowers. As he reached teenage age, he became more serious in looking slick and started using more modern haircare by wearing best-selling Indonesian’s pomade: Tancho.
From just a user—Tancho first, Murrays later—he evolved into a seller. In 2012 he started selling Australian-made pomade, Uppercut Deluxe. His adventure became broader when the owner of one of the biggest barber shops in Indonesia, BarberPop, asked him to run their barbershop chain in Denpasar, Bali. After a year, he finally realized what his passion is: men’s grooming, a barbershop. He decided to open his own. He asked his best friends, JS and Gung Gus, to join in.


Wira & Little Wayan Rizki Abinanda
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