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Scumbag Boogie Haircut

Scumbag Boogie Haircut in Seminyak & Kuta Scumbag boogie haircut, Pompadour, Side Part Pomp with a very low skin fade and heavy weight line in Seminyak Scumbag Boogie haircut on Curly…

Best Haircut in Seminyak

Best Haircut in Seminyak Best haircut in Seminyak by our man: Wahtu, a Balinese barber man who gave up his dream to become an army and choose barber as his…

Hair Fades in Barbershop Seminyak

A zero fade haircut is similar to the taper fade in that your hair decreases in length as it gets further down your head. However, the difference is that the…

Skin Fade Haircut in Seminyak

How To Do Skin Fade in Seminyak Ricky our man at the barbershop in Seminyak will show you how to do the skin fade with straight razor. BOOK NOW

Fade Hair Cut in Bali

What Is A Fade Haircut? The fade haircut, also known as a taper, involves gradually cutting the hair on your back and sides shorter as it gets closer to your neck. By blending and fading the hair on…
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